Hotel Antumalal was founded by the Pollak – Rindler family.


Forged by Guillermo Pollak  and his wife Catalina Rindler – Pollak who arrived in Chile in 1938 from Czech Republic on the eve of second world war.


The place the Pollaks found to start their adventure is in the south of Chile. This was a great challenge due to its rugged geography.


In 1944 the Hotel Antumalal project began with a tea room on the shores of Lake Villarrica.


Catalina Pollak and her mother Davita delighted travelers with their traditional récipes of kuchenes and cakes, learned in their distant Prague. Customers arrived by boat on the lake from Pucon.


The name Antumalal, which in Mapudungun (mapuche language) means “Corral del Sol”, comes from contemplating the sunsets that were appreciated in this tea room.


One day the President of Chile, Mr Gabriel Gonzalez Videla, arrived at this tea room. Guillermo Pollak, approached the President with a request to facilitate a loan with which the construction of the Hotel would begin.


A Corfo loan was granted by Videla and the Hotel Antumalal was born.

Conceived in the 1940’s and influenced by the Bauhaus & Frank Lloyd Wright style, the Antumalal’s design and lines captivate guests to this day. Guillermo Pollak & architect Jorge Elton were inspired by this house in Algarrobo to initiate the project.



Jorge Elton’s relationship with Guillermo Pollak began at that time and they became great friends.


Built on a rocky promontory overlooking the lake, every corner was designed to fit harmoniously with the natural surroundings.


In just five years the owners and Chilean architect Jorge Elton transformed the rugged and inhospitable space into a magnificent building with beautiful gardens that we enjoy to this day.


The construction of the hotel lasted until 1950, when the first floor was inaugurated.


The hotel you are enjoying today is a testament to the perseverance of Guillermo and Catalina.


As the years went by, the reputation of Hotel Antumalal grew as the first fishing lodge and it became one of the best hotel destinations in Chile.


Over the years has hosted important guests such as Queen Elizabeth of England, Neil Amstrong, James Stewart, Barry Goldwater, Emma Thompson and Isabel Allende, the writer.


Maintaining the architecture line while modernizing the facilities is a challenge that the Antumalal successfully embraces.


The addition of the Antumaco Spa, in 2010, demostrates the effort to maintain the original architecture using wood, rock and cement to integrate with nature.


Thanks to this commitment, the hotel remains an architectural jewel and represents a tourist hotel tribute to Chile and Pucon, having marked the pioneering step in its development as a tourism center.

The Antumalal’s private gardens occupy 5 hectares overlooking the lake offering admirable panoramic views in a privileged space.


Walking along the trails, the viewpoints, the orchard and the beaches of the park adds a value to your stay that makes Antumalal stand out from other hotels in Pucon and in Chile.


The native vegetation is dominated by five waterfalls with natural pools of volcanic rock and flower beds whose colors and aromas change with each season of the year.

Today, the family tradition and magic of Antumalal continues with the third generation of the family, along with its reputation for personalized service delighting travelers from around the world.