History, Architecture & Gardens

Hotel Antumalal began as a tea room at the edge of Lake Villarrica. In 1944 Catalina Pollak and her mother Davita, with the help of culinary traditions from their homeland Prague, delighted their clients who visited by boat from Pucón under the command of Guillermo Pollak.

In honor of the extraordinary sunsets over the lake, the couple called the place Antumalal, meaning Corral of the Sun in the Mapuche language. One day the President of Chile, Gabriel González Videla travelled over the water to visit the café. Don Guillermo, full of enthusiasm for his dream to build a hotel on the beautiful site, approached the president with a request for a loan to build a work of architecture that would make Chile proud. Videla was impressed, and helped Don Guillermo get his first loan. Thus, Hotel Antumalal was born.

The hotel you enjoy today is a testament to the perseverance of Guillermo, Catalina and grandmother Davita. As the years passed Antumalal’s reputation grew and it has become one of the premier destination hotels in Chile. Many noteworthy guests such as Queen Elizabeth of England, Neil Armstrong, James Stewart, Barry Goldwater and Emma Thompson have stayed here. Today the family tradition continues, and the magic of the Antumalal, along with its reputation for personalized service, continues to delight travelers from around the world.

Conceived in the 40’s and influenced by the Bauhaus and Frank Lloyd Webber styles, the design and lines of the Antumalal captivate our guests. Constructed on a rocky promontory that dominates the lake, each corner was designed to fit harmoniously with the natural surroundings. In just 5 years, the owners and the Chilean architect Jorge Elton transformed the arid and inhospitable terrain into a magnificent building with beautiful gardens that we still enjoy today. 

The rooms extend over a cliff, each with panoramic windows looking out onto the lake. Meanwhile, four Chalets are hidden within the gardens, all with the same architectural style, but each one different. The original design of the furniture mixes native wood, iron, cords, white rugs and open fireplaces creating an air of warmth, simplicity and elegance.

Maintaining the original line while modernizing the installations is a challenge that the Antumalal successfully embraces. The addition of the Spa Antumaco demonstrates the pledge to remain faithful to the original architecture using wood, rock and cement to integrate into nature. Thanks to this commitment, the hotel continues to be an architectural jewel and represents a tribute to the tourism industry of Chile and the Pucón area. Right from the beginning, the Antumalal was a pioneer in the development of the tourist hub of Pucón that we know today.


The private gardens of the Antumalal cover 5 hectares overlooking the lake offering splendid panoramic views. The paths, viewpoints, vegetable garden and beaches of the park add value to your stay making the Antumalal stand out from the other accommodation alternatives in Pucón. Native vegetation predominates including five waterfalls with natural volcanic rock pools and flowerbeds whose colours and aromas change with each season of the year.

Since 2008 the Restaurant Parque Antumalal makes use of the fresh produce from the vegetable garden and the greenhouse offering a natural and organic alternative. Whiling away time on our Antumalal park walk you will pass by the vegetable garden taking hidden paths that finish at the lake edge at the jetty or the beach where you can take some time to contemplate the beauty of the surroundings.