Immerse yourself in the temperate forest of the Andes, at the foot of the most active volcano in Chile, and one of the most famous in the world, the imposing Villarrica.


Explore the parasitic craters, created in an eruption decades ago. Enjoy the wonderful view from the lookout point, where you can see 4 volcanoes to the north and admire the full profile of the Villarrica volcano.




INCLUDED   Guide, transportation, entrance fees



Definitely a unique experience.


You will fly over the lava crater of one of the most active volcanoes in Chile, then you will head through an araucaria forest to a spectacular lagoon at the base of another volcano, the Quetrupillán, from where you will see the Villarrica, the Lanin and four other volcanoes.


Throughout the flight you will have panoramic views of the entire Pucon area.


INCLUDED                Transportation, snack


DIFFICULTY              Low




Start in the gardens of the Antumalal Hotel. You will enjoy looking for birds at the edge of the lake, just before heading to the Trancura River, from there we will continue searching through the trail at Trailenco.


Here we will take a break next to a waterfall to enjoy a snack before moving on to our last stop, Los Nevados; a wonderful area with panoramic views of the valley and the Villarrica Volcano. 


INCLUDED   Guide, transportation, entrance fees, snack






A fun way to fish in the area, going down rivers in a comfortable boat. You will go down several kilometers of turquoise and crystal clear rivers accompanied by breathtaking views of the neighboring volcanoes.


You will have the chance to fish for rainbow and fario trout.


No experience or fishing equipment is required.


INCLUDED   Guide, transportation, entrance fees, snack


SEASON       September to April



The best alternative to rafting, we facilitate an unforgettable experience, to get to know the area from the water, without having to paddle!


Enjoy the scenery, take pictures along the way, and finish with a refreshing swim in the water. There is no minimum age.


INCLUDED       Guide, transportation, entrance fees, snack





Lower - Over 8 years old. An ideal adventure for beginners, between grade 2 and 3 rapids, enjoying an hour of excitement and adrenaline accompanied by lush native vegetation and varied bird life.


High - Over 14 years old. You will descend grade 4 rapids through native forests, waterfalls and unique and captivating landscapes of our area, it is a journey full of adventure.




INCLUDED    Guide, transportation, snack




For all levels of runners. It is important to understand that this is a non-competitive tour, so the pace is pleasant and with stops. Perfect combination of sport, adventure and tourism.


We have designed and chosen trails for you to enjoy the attractions of Pucon, volcanoes, lava paths, araucarias, lush forests, panoramic views, rivers and lakes. 




INCLUDED    Guide, transportation, snack

DIFFICULTY  Medium (from 8km and up)

SEASON        September to May