There are many ways to spend your days in our immediate area which appeal to all ages and fitness levels. Our own internal agency, Davita Tours, offers many of the excursions available in Pucón leaving right from the door of the hotel. We put safety and quality service first while endeavoring to maximize your time and optimize your enjoyment of our region. We can assist with special requests such as bilingual guides, and we have our own vehicles to hire offering you maximum flexibility during your stay.


Hotel Antumalal offers a variety of tours in Pucón and surrounding areas especially designed for lovers of birds, flora, fauna and nature photography. PuconBirding is guided by a birdwatching specialist and professional photographer. Ask for more information about this marvelous activity at or directly at the hotel.



In this tour of the unmissable sights of the Pucon area, we will visit the main waterfalls and enjoying great panoramic views of Villarrica Volcano along the way. We will take the Saltos del Mariman trail through well maintained native forest that leads to the most important rapid of the Trancura River. After that we will visit the classic Ojos del Caburgua waterfalls and pools formed by the underground drainage of Caburgua Lake. Finally we will travel to the area of Palguin, to visit the waterfalls of La China and El León, both stunning cascades with more than 80 meters in height, both located within exuberant native forest.


In this temperate forest of the Andes at the foot of the most active volcano in Chile, the imposing Villarrica volcano, or Rucapillán as it is called in the local Mapudungun language, we will explore the parasitic craters, small mini volcanoes which were created via eruptions which took place many decades ago. Enjoy the marvelous panoramas from the viewpoint where you will be able to see 4 volcanoes to the north as well as admiring the perfect profile of Villarrica volcano. This is a short trail, just 3-4 hours and 8 km in total. The trekking is a mixture of trails through forest and over volcanic rock. Trekking shoes and clothing required.


This beautiful national park, the Place of the Messengers in the native language of the Mapuche, is actually an old trail used by them to connect with the eastern territory then called Puelmapu, now Argentina. This trek is surrounded by araucaria, coihue and lenga forests and will take us alongside waterfalls and allow for panoramic views. Dozens of birds and animals are hidden in the forest, and glimpses of the calm Lake Tinquilco and the imposing Villarrica volcano will appear in between the basalt rocks and majestic trees.


In the midst of the Andean mountain range and close to the border crossing with Argentina, Mamuil Malal, there are two lakes flanked by araucaria forests inhabited by Magellanic woodpeckers and other birds and animals. The trail is flat and relatively easy allowing you to enjoy the scenery that emanates a special beauty and calm due to this being a little visited area. The trail is located alongside the impressive Lanin volcano, half Chilean half Argentine, which reaches 3700 masl and has a huge glacier located in its crater.


This peak was traditionally used by the Mapuche to communicate between other communities across the region. Passing over 1.900 masl the trek offers impressive 360° views allowing vistas of almost all of the volcanoes and mountains of the area. It is a demanding trek requiring good physical fitness. Beginning in a steep forest you ascend to a flat pampa with high cliffs on both sides. Necessary equipment: walking clothing and walking boots. Trekking poles are suggested.


In the surrounding areas of Pucon there are various hot springs resorts offering the opportunity to relax in the open air or indoor pools. They invite you to experience the medicinal benefits of their thermal waters, where temperatures fluctuate between 38ºC & 40ºC. Guaranteed to bring you a unique afternoon of relaxation. Entrance fee not included. Towels available in the hot springs at extra cost.


A simply unique architecture inserted into the middle of a natural environment which is both unmissable and impossible to forget. You will enjoy relaxing in one of the 17 pools which are united by wooden walkways built over the water and in-between ancient endemic forests. Excursion includes transport only. 


The full day Quetrupillán volcano ascent located close to Pucón in the Villarrica National Park is an excellent alternative to the Villarrica volcano ascent. Quetrupillán is not active and the crater is 2.383 masl. To begin with you will walk for around 2 hours from the base of the volcano through native coigue and lenga forests to continue up towards the crater. The view from the top is spectacular of the Lanin and Villarrica volcanoes and the Andes mountains. Includes transfers, equipment, guides, assistants, insurance, entrance to the National Park, radio communication. You must pack lunch, sun screen, sunglasses, comfortable clothes and a camera.


During the ascent of one of the most active volcanoes in Chile you will enjoy the best views of the region: lakes, mountains and other volcanoes. The knowledge and experience of the guides will allow you a safe and fun excursion. Good physical shape required. For people over 14 years old (minors must bring signed parental consent). Includes equipment, entrance fee, guide and insurance.


The best alternative to rafting. We provide an unforgettable experience to get to know the area from the water, without having to paddle! Enjoy the scenery, take pictures along the ride, and finish the trip with a refreshing dip. A perfect way to get to know the rivers and scenery together as a family. Includes guide, transportation and all necessary equipment. No minimum age.


An ideal adventure for beginners descending Grades 2 and 3 rapids. For one hour you will experience the emotion and adrenaline of white water accompanied by native forests, waterfalls and impressive views of the local volcanoes. Includes transport, guide and equipment. Minimum age 8.


For one and a half hours you will descend Grade 4 rapids between native forests, waterfalls and captivating views of the local volcanoes. The combination of adrenalin and adventure result in an unforgettable experience. Includes guide, transport and all necessary equipment. Minimum age 14. Dependent on river conditions.


Sailing on Lake Villarrica is a great way to while away a few hours. You will view the Peninsula and Hotel Antumalal from the water and will sail to the delta of the river Trancura. In true classic sailboat you can also learn the basics of sailing. Includes snack, drinks, wine and beer.

* KAYAK Half day or Full day (September to April)

You will begin with a basic class to learn how to control the kayak before leaving for a paddle around the peninsula. No experience necessary. Apt for children and families. Includes guide, transport and all necessary equipment. Different options available in terms of length of the trip, destination and fitness level required.



This excursion takes place in the Cerduo valley just outside Pucón and is a blend of trekking with climbing. Via Ferrata is a type of assisted rock climbing where you ascend around 300m using metal steps that are inserted into the rock and secured by a steel line assuring all the necessary safety. From the top you have views of Villarrica volcano and the Caburgua valley. No rock climbing experience necessary. A good physical condition is required. Includes climbing equipment, insurance, transfers, snack and guides.


Open to all runners of all levels. Please note this is not a competitive tour. The pace which is set is pleasant and with stops creating the perfect combination of sport, adventure and tourism. The route has been created so that you will enjoy the most attractive views of the area such as lava flows, Araucaria trees, endemic forests and panoramas over rivers and lakes. Available all year round. Includes transfers, guide and snack (fruit, cereal bar and water).



Immerse yourself in the Mapuche culture sharing typical food and getting to know the clothing, housing and stories of these local people. On this tour you will visit a traditional Ruka (Mapuche house) and will find out more about this ancient culture. Includes traditional style barbecue and a tasting of Mapuche products, the Ruka visit, weaving techniques, traditional clothing, instruments and you can also take part in the traditional games called Palin or chueca.


Bordering the 7 lakes route after approximately 2 hours from Pucón you will arrive at this magical reserve which offers many activities and places to visit. During this relaxing trip along the shores of Lake Pirihueico, you can take a walk to beautiful waterfalls though ancient forests and beside Andean lagoons.


For a full adrenaline experience you can enjoy a canopy rides along 10 lines ranging between 40 and 140 meters long. Hanging 25 meters above the ground you will reach speeds of between 20 and 40 km per hour. Includes all necessary safety equipment. Minimum age 7, minimum weight 30 kg.



A fun way to enjoy fishing in the area you will descend several kilometers of our local river in a safe and comfortable boat. The views of the neighboring volcanoes are impressive as they peek out from behind the forests. You will have the chance to fish for Rainbow and Brown trout during your descent. No fishing equipment or experience necessary.


During this tour you will meet more than 50 huskies beginning with a brief chat about the dogs, their work and their sport. You can pet and feed the dogs, and then you can take part in a short sled ride. The excursion ends with a campfire together with the husky trainers and guides where you can continue to play with the pups. Includes guide, equipment, transfers and snack.


Discover the native lands & enjoy the snow-capped peaks of the volcanoes, along with glimpses of glaciers, waterfalls and endemic forests. A guide will lead the trip assuring you a safe & memorable experience. A perfect activity for families. Includes guide, equipment and a snack.

* SNOWSHOES - Season: Winter

An unforgettable excursion on a snowy route at the base of Villarrica or Lanin volcanoes. Using snow shoes you will find it easy to move along without difficulty allowing you to combine adventure, sport and tourism. Recommended for everyone! Includes transfers, guide, entrance fees and full equipment (boots, snow shoes, gaiters and walking poles).

* SKI TOUR - Season: Winter

You will have the chance to ascend the volcano doing randonee, or simply carrying your skis on an adequate backpack until you reach the peak of Villarrica volcano. You can observe the crater from there as well as enjoy a spectacular view over the local area before descending along the suggested route according to the level of the group. You will ski between 1300 and 1600 vertical meters depending on the time of year and the snow line. An unmissable experience for all intermediate or expert skiers and snowboarders! Includes transfers, guide, entrance fees and mandatory equipment (helmet, crampons and ice axe).

Additional Services:

Transfers to: Temuco Airport, Pucon Airport, Valdivia, Puerto Varas, San Martín de los Andes (Argentina), Junin (Argentina) & Bariloche (Argentina).
Bilingual Guide (half day & full day).
Box Lunch, Rent a Car (Daily unlimited mileage).

Terms and Conditions:

Tariffs subject to change without notice.
Activities are subject to availability and weather conditions.
(*) Services provided by a specialized adventure operator in Pucón.
(**) Services provided in hotel vehicles and accompanied by a driver/guide from the Hotel Antumalal.