Hotel Antumalal - Pucón, Región de la Araucanía, Chile


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1) Start out from the Restaurant Parque Antumalal terrace to the left passing below the great Peumo tree in front of the Royal Chalet

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2) Continue passing by the fern bed

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3) Towards the great Magnolio which gives off its sweet aroma during flowering season in September

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4) Go straight on into our vegetable garden and greenhouse section. At the entrance you will find a huge aloe vera

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5) Walk through the vegetable garden to the right, passing alongside the greenhouse and turn right onto the small bridge. From there you can appreciate our water source, snow melt, that comes down from the volcano in 4 km of canals

  • 6

6) Continue to rest a while at the Parque Antumalal viewpoint....

  • 7

7) ....with beautiful views of the main building, Pucón and the Andean foothill mountains

  • 8

8) Return to the gardeners white house in the vegetable garen, and take the fairly steep path into the hidden forest

  • 9

9) Follow the path into the forest. You will hear the sound of the great waterfall before you see it. This waterfall feeds the turbine which generates electricity for the hotel, and has been doing so since 1956!

  • 10

10) Walk along the path and continue towards the hotel passing by the ornamental grasses. You are half way through the walk.

  • 11

11) The flowers to your right change with the seasons, just like everything in the living hotel park

  • 12

12) Take the path to your left towards the enormous Rhodedendron and the Spa Antumaco. When you arrive at the Rhodedendron, take a tiny path, again to your left towards a secret passage way under the trees heading towards the lake. 

  • 13

13) The secret passageway will take you to the lichen-laiden forest next to the old Lake Café

  • 14

14) Cross the terrace and descend the steps to the left onto the pebble beach

  • 15

15) From there, look to your right and you will find a path below and in front of the old Lake Café. Walk along there under the Lake Cabin before arriving at the wooden hotel jetty. 

  • 16

16) Rest a while and enjoy the view before returning towards the Lake Cabin where you take the stone steps to your left back up towards the main building

  • 17

17) Going up the steps….

  • 18

18) will pass by different types of endemic trees that we have in the park

  • 20

19) Once you have reached the top of the stone steps, turn to your right where you will see the Spa Antumaco with its pretty Myrtle wood (Arrayan) at the entrance

  • 21

20) From there, turn to your left and take the car track up towards the car park, passing by our beautiful camelias

  • 22

21) Arriving at the lower entrance to the large car parl turn to your right and walk towards the hotel reception. On your left you will pass by another waterfall. This one has gunneras which enjoy the constant watering from the splashes!

  • 23

22) Enter the main building and go straight out to your right to the stone terrace, or into the living area by the great fireplace, from where you will have a perfect view of the huge Lingue with Lake Villarrica as a backdrop. Now it is time to order a well deservd fresh juice of the house cocktail, a Cran Sour! Enjoy!


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